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Telescope Product Update

Scott McAllister on October 2, 2018
Telescope Release Art by Grace Flader

"As a species throughout history, looking up to the sky has been something accessible to absolutely everyone and the sky has inspired art and science for just as long as we’ve been pondering it. The telescope is an homage to that collective wonder and a technological triumph."  -- Grace Flader, Tier 2 Technical Support Specialist at Smartsheet and creator of the Telescope art piece for this release.

Much like the invention of the telescope, the creation of Smartsheet has been an iterative process, with each product update providing incremental improvements. This update is no different. 

One of the new features of this Smartsheet update is a new capability added to the Contact List column called Multi-Assign. For years, Smartsheet users have utilized the Contact List column to assign tasks to team members. However, users have only been able to select a single person for the assignment. The Multi-Assign capability changes all that.

Radio Product Release

Taylor Krusen on September 14, 2018
Painting of an older radio set in front of an abstract, cloudy blue background

Before internet radio, you had to actually find the right station—twisting knobs to scroll past white noise until a channel came through clearly. The name of this release is Radio; a fitting analogy for a release so full of bug fixes. Like twisting knobs to find a better station, fixing these bugs brings you a better, more clear Smartsheet.

The knob-twiddling sort of radio is the kind depicted in this release art; an object that evokes a fond nostalgia for artist Kate Paul, Customer Success Manager. “I once spent an entire summer without turning off my little portable radio (my local NPR station had some great overnight soft classical music)," Kate said. "That little radio was the inspiration for this painting.”

Teamwork Leads to Active Refreshing Sheets

Scott McAllister on August 14, 2018


Smartsheet Engineering has fostered a culture where the customer experience is king, and every member of the team takes pride in making sure that Smartsheet products are a delight to use. 

These delightful features are built through the collaboration of multiple teams. Teams from development, design, testing, and product management all play a role in preparing features for our customers. And feedback from every one of those teams is vital for the production of quality features.
Such was the case when Imran Khawaja, Lead Software Development Engineer on the Automation team, and Djordje Savovic, Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer, worked together to complete a task, only to realize that they needed to pivot in order to build a truly useful solution.

API Updates: New Import Endpoints

Scott McAllister on July 25, 2018

The Smartsheet API recently added new endpoints for importing CSV or XLSX data into a new sheet, and the SDKs for Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby have all been updated to support this new feature. 

To show how you can take advantage of this new functionality, let's discuss how to use the import endpoint with the Python SDK.

We'll start with a simple Excel spreadsheet named "Sample Sheet.xlsx" with three columns of data -- Name, Status, and Remaining.

Piano Product Update

Scott McAllister on July 23, 2018
Piano Release Art


Cue the music! It's time for another Smartsheet product update, and this one is code-named Piano.

The feature that we'd like to highlight in this release adds grid lines while editing a dashboard. The new grid lines make it easier to align widgets, and make sure their placement is perfect. The idea was originally born out of the most recent Smartsheet internal hackathon, Hack the Sheet.