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Phonograph Product Release
Taylor Krusen June 11, 2018

This month’s release is named Phonograph. The phonograph, invented by Thomas Edison, was the first device that allowed a person to record and playback sound. A fitting name for a release that includes a new feature leveraging another breakthrough invention—the barcode. Originally based on morse code, a barcode is a visual representation of data that is machine readable.

Smartsheet is excited to announce a mobile barcode scanner. Capable of reading a variety of one-dimensional and two-dimensional (QR codes!) barcodes, the mobile barcode scanner can input your barcode data directly into a cell in a sheet or into the search bar. The mobile barcode scanner works on all iOS and Android devices.

Lightbulb Product Update

Scott McAllister on May 18, 2018
Lightbulb Update Release Art

The latest update to the Smartsheet application, code-named Lightbulb, focused on some incremental changes to the Smartsheet UI. One of those changes involved displaying the profile picture of each user currently looking at a sheet or report. 

Now when looking at a sheet or report you'll see the profile pictures of all the other users who are also looking at that sheet or report.

This particular feature was started by a contractor who was working on several UI features, but finished off in-house by Erik Chou, Software Development Engineer II. When the code was turned in by the contractor, it still needed some work before the feature could be used in production. That clean up task was given to Erik.

New Employees Love Hack the Sheet

Scott McAllister on May 3, 2018
The Solutions Team Planning their Hack

Another successful Hack the Sheet has sailed into the Smartsheet history books. A record number of teams produced impressive projects ranging from general performance enhancements to the Smartsheet application, to building better tools for our Quality Assurance team, to experimenting with new ideas for future product features. 142 participants across 28 teams hacked during this round of the hackathon.

For some of Smartsheet's newest team members Hack the Sheet was an opportunity to get ramped up and connect with their team. Liz Leong, Software Development Engineer, is a recent addition to the Solutions team. As a whole, the Solutions team is one of the newest in the Engineering organization - with most of its members coming together within the last few weeks.

Hack the Sheet: Smartsheet's Internal Hackathon

Scott McAllister on April 13, 2018
Hack the Sheet logo

Every nine months or so the Smartsheet Engineering and Product teams step away from their regularly scheduled tasks, and take a crack at something new that they're passionate about. And, they don't even need to take vacation days to do it! This special time is our internal hackathon known as Hack the Sheet.

For one week small groups are formed around various project ideas that are submitted by anyone at Smartsheet. Historically, submissions only came from the Engineering and Product groups. Something new about this round of Hack the Sheet is that employees from across the company were allowed to submit project ideas, and employees from 21 different departments submitted ideas.

Getting the chance to work with folks from other teams is one of the highlights for Katherine Senze, Senior Software Engineer on our Marketing Shared Services department.

Python SDK: Upgrade to 1.3

Scott McAllister on April 11, 2018
python logo

The following message is for everyone using the Smartsheet Python SDK. Due to security concerns you will need to be using version 1.3 (or later) of the SDK by May 22, 2018. At that point, all previous versions of SDK will no longer work.

To upgrade the pip package, simply run the following command in your terminal:

$ pip install smartsheet-python-sdk --upgrade

For more details on this change, please continue reading.

Smartsheet will require TLS 1.1 or higher post May 22, 2018

There are many security vulnerabilities in SSL and TLS version 1.0. To remain compliant with PCI standards most companies are now removing support for TLS 1.0. In order to best protect customer data Smartsheet needs to make this change as well. Smartsheet will disable support for TLS 1.0 on May 22, 2018. Users need to use TLS1.1 or higher to connect to Smartsheet APIs.