Seattle Code Camp is Awesome and You Should Go!

Published on 07 September 2017

You Should go to Seattle Code Camp

Smartsheet is excited to be participating in the 15th annual Seattle Code Camp held on the campus of Seattle University this Saturday, 9/9/17.

Seattle Code Camp is a one-day learning event for programming professionals and students with a focus on coding, databases and related technologies. This is a "grass roots" mini application / platform developer conference, free to attendees and open to presenters of all stripes and experience.

Here is the list of sessions being given.  With such a broad range of topics, new and experienced developers alike are sure to find something interesting.

Smartsheet is proud to contribute to the ongoing success of Seattle Code Camp. In addition to co-sponsoring the event, we have four members of the team from Smartsheet leading sessions at the camp.

The following sessions are being given by Smartsheet team members:

Michael Villasenor, Software Systems Engineer:
  • Slow computer? Build in the cloud!

    What if your company's development environment was too big to deploy on standard laptops? Come learn how Smartsheet's team built a solution using the cloud.

Andrea Cremese, Software Development Engineer:
Ted Neward, Director of Developer Relations:
  • Busy Developer’s Guide to Naked Objects

    In this session Ted will examine the concept of “Naked Objects,” how they work, and what it’s like to develop with Naked Objects.

  • Busy Developer’s Guide to Ballerina

    Heard about the unique programming language called Ballerina? In this session, Ted will go over the Ballerina language and environment, and explore what a language “built for the Web” looks like.

Scott McAllister, Developer Advocate:
  • Why loop when you can map, reduce, or filter?

    In this session Scott discusses the use of existing methods in JavaScript as an alternative to looping and parsing. He uses the example as an introduction to declarative programming and the potential benefits.

  • Develop Add-ons for Google Apps AND Stay Sane

    Some of the best opportunities to teach come from personal experience. Come learn from Scott’s insights on setting up your local dev environment to build Google Add-ons.