Introducing Smartsheet Labs

Published on 12 March 2014

It’s been nearly a year since we announced the arrival of the Smartsheet API – and today we’re excited to take our next step in extending Smartsheet functionality.  Smartsheet Labs is here – a place for customers to test drive new, experimental apps that are built on top of the Smartsheet API.

What is Smartsheet Labs?

Smartsheet Labs is a new resource for our customers to explore, use and give feedback on experimental apps that are built outside of the core Smartsheet platform. Similar to Google’s Gmail Labs and SalesForce’s SalesForce Labs we’re excited to have our own experimental playground and a place where you can go to get even more value from the Smartsheet platform. 

The apps you’ll find there are free to use and should be considered community projects which are not officially supported, tested or documented.

While Smartsheet Labs is not part of the official Smartsheet product, some of these experiments may end up working their way into the product. We will keep a close eye on the usage and your feedback to help us make those decisions.

What You’ll Find in Our New Laboratory

So what kind of experimental apps are we talking about?

We built our first two Labs apps based off two of our most commonly requested features.  A lot of you have told us that you would love to have charts and graphs for your Smartsheet data – so these apps were a natural starting point for us to launch our new sandbox. 

Smartsheet Charts

The first Labs app is geared toward meeting those users needs and is aptly named "Smartsheet Charts". Smartsheet Charts lets you take your Smartsheet data and create customizable, shareable, and embeddable charts.

Dig in and explore charting your sheets or check out our step-by-step instructions if you'd like some more information about how to get started.

Smartsheet Maps

Another frequent request is for a way to take your Smartsheet data and plot it on a map. Our second app does just this by combining any location data in Smartsheet and mapping it. We flexed our creative muscle and decided to call it "Smartsheet Maps."

Smartsheet Maps, like Smartsheet Charts, is pretty straightforward, but should you want a little assistance, we've got some instructions to help jumpstart your work.

Much More to Come!

We're just getting started with Smartsheet Labs and can't wait to keep building. Let us know what apps you'd like to see! We'd love to hear from you

We're excited to boost your productivity with awesome new apps for our customers, and show partners and developers the power of the Smartsheet API.

Happy charting and mapping!