Developer Portal

The Smartsheet API

Welcome to the Smartsheet Developer Portal! This site contains information about the Smartsheet API, sample code, developer documentation, app connectors, and links to our SDKs and a sample app for each SDK.

In addition, you'll find information about how to get support and some frequently asked questions about the API

Quick Start

If you're a developer and just want to dive in, there's a Getting Started guide using REST, cURL, and JSON to introduce you to the most important objects in our API.

Our API documentation has the reference details you need plus overview information and request and response examples for every method.

If you need to build an app that integrates with Smartsheet, there are step-by-step instructions for Third-party App Development.

Overview and Highlights

The Smartsheet API allows you to programmatically access and manage your organization's Smartsheet data and account information. The API allows you to do the following:

  • Read and update sheets
  • Manage folders and workspaces
  • Administer users and accounts

If you want to transfer data back and forth between Smartsheet and your internal tools, you can integrate between that service's API and the Smartsheet API.


Smartsheet has Software Development Kits (SDKs) providing a higher level interface for several languages. There is also a sample app provided for each SDK.


Resources and Support

If you have questions or problems, we have a variety of ways to support you:

  • Our Get Help page prompts you to enter relevant details, which makes it easier for us to troubleshoot your case.
  • Send email directly to [email protected].
  • In addition, you can widen your request to other users by using the "smartsheet-api" tag in StackOverflow, which we also monitor.

The Smartsheet Developer's Blog has a variety of useful tips, tricks, and tutorials about working with the Smartsheet API. The blog also contains articles about product updates, event reports, or any other Smartsheet-related content that we think would be interesting to developers. 

Existing Integrations and Consulting Services

Not quite ready to build your own integration or just need a custom solution yesterday?

We support synchronizing data with Jira and Salesforce or visualizing Smartsheet data in Tableau via our Live Data Connector, as well as extensive Google GSuite and Microsoft Office 365 integrations. Please see our complete list of Apps, Integrations, and Connectors.

In addition, we provide consulting services for more complex problems.


Q: Is there a fee to use the API?

A: No. The use of the API is free to all Smartsheet customers, regardless of plan, and third-party application developers.

Q: What are the legal terms and conditions of the Smartsheet Developer Program?

A: The Smartsheet developer program is governed by the Smartsheet Developer Program Agreement.