DeveloperWeek Hackathon 2018

Published on 14 February 2018

Over the first weekend in February 675 hackers gathered to form over 165 teams at the Galvanize offices in San Francisco to participate in the Developer Week Hackathon. Smartsheet was on the scene to challenge the hackers to use the Smartsheet API and incorporate Smartsheet into their projects, and we were blown away by the reception that we received.

We kept the hackathon challenge broad, inviting teams to come up with the best usage of the Smartsheet API (with bonus points given for use of webhooks). Fourteen groups registered for the Smartsheet challenge, and the groups kept the Smartsheet team busy throughout the weekend with questions about the product, the API, and developer tools.

The winning project was an inspiring application called PetitionThat which aims to help make social activism easier and more accurate.

"PetitionThat is a prototype of a service that enables anyone to drive social change at the scale of the internet by collecting and vetting contact information, gathering verified electronic signatures, and contacting supporters by phone and SMS," said PetitionThat team member Neil Pomerleau.

In addition to Neil, Jameela Huq and Soaman Huq made up the PetitionThat team. And their final project put Smartsheet right in the forefront.

"We used Smartsheet to create a publicly visible form that collects the names and contact information of petition supporters," said Neil. "Our service automatically processes this incoming data from Smartsheet by filtering out submissions that appear to be fraudulent, requesting eSignatures from the supporters, and updating the petition organizer's dashboard in real-time."

PetitionThat was only one of several impressive applications built using Smartsheet as a platform over the hackathon weekend. If you'd like more information on how you can incorporate the Smartsheet platform into your application, check out the Smartsheet Developer Portal.