Trip Report: DevNexus 2018

Published on 09 March 2018

DevNexus in Atlanta, GA is the second largest Java conference in North America. With 2,500+ attendees, the conference had 14 concurrent sessions that ranged from Security, Mobile, and Serverless to Performance, Frameworks, and everything in between.

The opening keynote was amazing! Diane Davis, an Astrodynamicist from NASA, and Sean Phillips, principal SDE at a.i. solutions, presented a new, custom tool they’re using called the Deep Space Trajectory Explorer. The tool uses JavaFX and Java Data Streams to visualize over 450,000 different data points—allowing the user to search, filter, and interact with the data visually and examine trajectories of objects in space. Diane had already used the Deep Space Trajectory Explorer to identify a new lunar orbit known as the ‘tulip orbit’ which will be used for the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, a space station that will be used to launch manned space flights!


Ted Neward gave two talks: ‘Pragmatic Architecture’ and ‘A Busy Developer’s Guide to Being a JVM Polyglot’. Ted’s Pragmatic Architecture session was was full to bursting, with attendees that couldn’t get in the room trying to peer in the doorway. Some other sessions that were wildly popular were ‘Enterprise Architecture in Serverless’, ‘Exploring the Real Power of Streams’ (Java), ‘Write Better JavaScript with Unit Testing’, and ‘Machine Learning Exposed’.

Based on the variety of in-depth technical talks and the quality of the speakers giving them, we recommend DevNexus for any full-stack Java developers looking to improve their skills and knowledge.