Python SDK: Upgrade to 1.3

Published on 11 April 2018

The following message is for everyone using the Smartsheet Python SDK. Due to security concerns you will need to be using version 1.3 (or later) of the SDK by May 22, 2018. At that point, all previous versions of SDK will no longer work.

To upgrade the pip package, simply run the following command in your terminal:

$ pip install smartsheet-python-sdk --upgrade

For more details on this change, please continue reading.

Smartsheet will require TLS 1.1 or higher post May 22, 2018

There are many security vulnerabilities in SSL and TLS version 1.0. To remain compliant with PCI standards most companies are now removing support for TLS 1.0. In order to best protect customer data Smartsheet needs to make this change as well. Smartsheet will disable support for TLS 1.0 on May 22, 2018. Users need to use TLS1.1 or higher to connect to Smartsheet APIs.

Impact to Python SDK users

Smartsheet Python SDK versions earlier than 1.3.0 only supports TLS  version 1.0. Once Smartsheet disables support for TLS1.0 on May 22, 2018, any user who is still using an earlier version of Python SDK will receive an SSL handshake error.

Next steps

Please ensure that you are using Smartsheet Python SDK version 1.3.0 or later by May 22, 2018.
Detailed instructions on how to upgrade your Python SDK version are available on Smartsheet github:

If you have any questions or need technical help, please reach out to Smartsheet Support at