Search Result Payloads Are Changing

Published on 07 January 2020

If you use row numbers in search results, you need to read this post.

Beginning March 1, 2020, the Smartsheet API is deprecating row numbers from search result payloads. This will make back-end indexing faster. It’s also more efficient for users to track row Ids or object Ids and use those in subsequent calls than to go by row numbers, which are constantly changing.

Current payloads return a contextData array that has variable information in it. It sometimes looks like the following:

  "contextData": [
    "Row 2: 10,000ft"

In future, the payload will change to look more like this example:

  "contextData": [

If you are expecting a row number in that contextData array, you should alter your code to look for objectId or another variable.

If you rely solely on row numbers and you have questions about reconfiguring your code, please contact us at