What is the Smartsheet API?

The Smartsheet API enables customers to programmatically access and manage their organization's Smartsheet account and data. It is designed to be simple and intuitive, and is based on widely accepted standards and conventions, including REST, JSON, and HTTP success and error codes. If you already have experience with other publicly available RESTful APIs, you will feel right at home.

Is there a fee to use the API?

No. The use of the API is free to all Smartsheet customers, regardless of plan, and third party application developers.

How do I access the API?

If you are a Smartsheet customer, you can use the API to directly access your data and integrate your Smartsheet account with other systems or applications. Simply go to your Personal Settings > API Access to generate an access token. Our detailed documentation will guide you through a variety of scenarios, from retrieving and updating your sheet contents to managing your users and executing org-wide data backups.

If you are an application developer, we are committed to making it easy to build on top of Smartsheet - whether you are developing a solution for your organization or creating an app for the Smartsheet customer community at large. Use standard OAuth2 authentication and authorization to safely access Smartsheet data on behalf of your users without requesting or storing their usernames or passwords. Take advantage of granular access scopes to request only the level of access required for your app. To get the ball rolling, sign up for a Smartsheet developer account, register your app to get app key and secret and follow our docs to create your first Smartsheet app.

Can I use the API to transfer data between Smartsheet and XYZ (another service or product)?

The Smartsheet API provides a way to programmatically access and manage your Smartsheet data.  In order to transfer data between Smartsheet and another service, please first make sure that the other service also provides a way to access and manage its data, via an API or another method - if it does, an integration is likely possible.  Please keep in mind, however, in order to create an integration you will need the help of a software developer who is familiar with the standards underlying the Smartsheet API (REST, JSON, etc.).

Is there an SDK available for Java (Ruby, Python, PHP, etc.)?

See the list of available SDKs here.

Where can I find examples of code interacting with the API?

For every API method listed in our API documentation we provide example requests in multiple languages and an example (JSON) response.  

How do I get support?

If you build on our API, we will do our best to support you and quickly respond to all your questions. We would also love to hear your feedback, and promise to give it serious considerations. Questions, problems - please post on StackOverflow using the "smartsheet-api" tag. Or contact us directly with these or any other feedback at api@smartsheet.com. For news and updates, please follow us on Twitter @smartsheetapi and check back here regularly.

What are the legal terms and conditions of the Smartsheet Developer Program?

The Smartsheet developer program is governed by the Smartsheet Developer Program Agreement