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Curiosity Built the App: The Creation of Smartsheet's Microsoft Teams Integration

Scott McAllister on July 10, 2017
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The best software developers are always curious. And, here at Smartsheet that is no different. Our recent integration with Microsoft Teams began as the fruits of curiosity from one of our top engineers.

When Jenny Lam heard about Microsoft's new Teams chat platform she wondered what kind of APIs were offered, and how she could use them. During her exploration she found that there were three different options for integrating with the Teams platform - bots, cards and tabs.

Francis Lau Speaking at Big Data Bellevue Meetup

Scott McAllister on June 15, 2017
Picture of Francis Lau

Our own Francis Lau will be the main speaker at the Big Data Bellevue (BDB) meeting on Wednesday, June 21. As Senior Director of Product Intelligence here at Smartsheet, Francis is currently leading the charge for our data initiatives for both product features and company wide operations.

Francis will be speaking about, "Smartsheet's Lessons and Best Practices from Building their Insights and Integration Platform with Apache Spark."

Come learn how Smartsheet uses Spark and AWS technologies to build a platform that enables self-service insights, reporting, and business system integrations with scale and speed. Also, hear Francis share valuable patterns and lessons learned in adopting these technologies and running them in production.

C# SDK Updated to Version 2.2

Scott McAllister on June 12, 2017

We recently updated our C# SDK to version 2.2! This update includes added support for the following features:

  • Updating comments
  • Setting cell links
  • Publishing sights
  • AlternateEmail support
  • Row indent/outdent
  • Setting a sheet's project settings
  • Getting and setting a column's ContactOptions
  • Getting and setting a discussion's commentCount
  • Platform support for Visual Studio for Mac

In addition to these features, the SDK's Sample application has been updated to be more approachable for first time users.

Good to See You!

ted.neward on February 16, 2017

Thanks for your interest in Smartsheet! Hopefully you’ve already had a chance to drop by our booth and talk with us about the Smartsheet Platform, and maybe brainstorm how it can help you, your customers, or your clients.

Here’s some easy ways to get acquainted with Smartsheet and what we offer developers like yourself:

Growth Lessons Learned from a Productivity Platform and Developer Conference

ted.neward on February 7, 2017

As the Director of Developer Relations here at Smartsheet, a big part of my job (and the team I’m building out) is to attend and speak at developer conferences. I’ve spent a good number of years speaking at developer conferences around the world. The keynotes, the vendor showcases, the boxed lunches – it all gets a little blurry after a while.

Still, there are a few events that stand out and keep me wanting to come back, including DevNexus, coming up at the end of this month. They’ve been around for over a decade, and these guys get it just right. During prep for my talk this year on various cloud systems and how to best make sure of them, I began to see some of the deep similarities between this developer event and Smartsheet, my current employment home.